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Yakiti he tilled the land, he mowed the grass. Peasant blood awoke in his veins, and love for the land and the passion turned to gardening. Now, no one was keeping an eye - neither the woman nor the society. He blew his nose without scruple two fingers. His old man's body, dressed in a prim vest with a gold chain and help ridiculous at his age, suddenly found a peasant posture, and sleek face stood out rustic features. If subordinates saw him in this form, he was surprised to learn that in this edgy look askance once makes them tremble, hiding the typical nature of the aging farmer. In short, Yakiti for the first time felt the owner of the land. Previously, he just had a building site, but now, when construction was completed, he stopped to look at his farm on the abstract part of the property, filling the word another meaning - "my land." It revived the instincts of a landowner, although on the property, he had a very general idea. That seems to be the land gave him hope for the first time to feel their true significance. Now it became clear that the source of his muddy contempt for her father and curse to the ancestors who have never owned any one acre of land, completely exhausted. And like a typical nouveau riche, Yakiti built in the temple Bodaydzi, at home, ambitious family tomb is not so much reverence for ancestors, but because of the desire to take revenge on them for their poverty. He could not imagine that the first to be buried there, his son will Rёsuke. Oh, if he knew in advance about the death of his son, he would have raised this tomb nearby, Hattori!

Sons, comes over to Osaka infrequently, were completely bewildered by such a change that occurred with my father. In each of his sons - the older Kensuke, middle and junior Rёsuke Yusuke - preserved some particle of his character, but mostly all of them imprinted the image of his dead mother, which laid all the burdens and worries of raising children. She came from Tokyo sredneburzhuaznoy environment knew the manners and vices of their class, indulged her husband in his quest to flaunt in high society, posing as a businessman with all the habits of an executive officer. However, before his death, she would not let him blow his nose in his hand, pick your nose in public, noisy slurp soup, clicked his tongue, expectorant and spitting phlegm into embers Hibat - in short, to stop all the bad habits that have magnanimously forgiven in society only so-called great people.

Transformation Yakiti in the eyes of the sons looked very ridiculous, if he puts on a robe perelitsovanny old. But he cheered up again, as in the past years in the service of the ship's company in Kansai, but this time, losing official courtesy and gentleness in circulation gained excessive ego. He could swear better than hard peasant when he chases the thief, caught in the vegetable field. The spacious living room adorned bust of Yakiti. Room occupied an area of ​​twenty tatami. On the wall hung his portrait painted by a famous artist Kansai. And wrote the oil portrait, a bust, and were no less conceited than photographs of a number of presidents, placed on the first pages of the volume yearbook, published on the fiftieth anniversary of the Imperial Japanese companies. Inadmissible in a new guise Yakiti sons found him ridiculous and self-respect, which is a really sticks out of the pose monumental bronze bust. Caste village arrogance thriving local elders, he allowed himself to blame messy military leadership. This malevolence sons spotted hypocritical posture kicker, which he cleverly bought respect for the innocent farmers, genuinely take his word for manifestation of true patriotism.

Ironically, it was the eldest son, who thought his father intolerable, before the others managed to take a cushy job at papashinym wing where he could lead an idle life frank slacker. Due to the chronic asthma he avoided military service, however, when it became clear that he can not escape labor conscription, father, thanks to the influential connections, rubbed it on the post office in Mayden. Together with his wife Kensuke moved to the village. Of course, the friction between father and son were inevitable, but Kensuke with a rare cynicism deftly dodged the pressure of his father. War raged, all three assistants took the front. One of them, a native of Hiroshima Prefecture, instead of themselves sent to work for Yakiti younger brother, who barely had time to finish school.

Boy named Saburo. At the request of his mother, he belonged to the Zen Buddhist sect Tenri. On major holidays in April and October Saburo, dressed in a white robe with hieroglyphs on the back: "The law of nature", leaving the estate to meet his mother. These days, together with other believers, they made a pilgrimage to the main temple. Эро истории без порно и секс элементов, Эротика и США проститутки не пройдут.

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